Is It Too Early to Decorate for Christmas?

Did you know that Christmas decorations may make you happier? Start decorating today! 

We can all agree that it has been a weird year, that’s why moments together mean more to us this year than ever before. Perhaps some of you have just finished decorating for Fall! It seems as if we only had a month to enjoy the Fall season, but now that the snow has begun to fall here in South Dakota, is it still too early to decorate for the Holidays? While most people see December as being the most acceptable time for wreaths, ornaments, lights and trees, November for me is when the countdown to Christmas begins.

Growing up, my family waited until the day after Thanksgiving to cut down our tree, although we started decorating right after Halloween, “the sooner the better”! If you’re anything like us you’ve got plenty of decor to start bringing out a little at a time. 

Don’t let anyone hold you back! Like many others, Thanksgiving is a kickoff to the holiday season and it’s a great time to celebrate relationships and spend quality time with family and friends.

Start with solid Staples

White pumpkins and harvest themed accessories are perfect transition decorating pieces that you can use for Fall and Christmas decor, perhaps you want to add a touch of metallic to your tablescape! Thanksgiving is a good time to grab your brass decor and incorporate around your home. Another decorative element that can easily be transitioned is a wreath!  

Set a scene

Winter whites are a natural for the holiday season, look outside! The transition to your Christmas decor can take time, so start with the little things and move towards the bigger items. 

At Layered Elements, we’ve got plenty of Christmas decor ideas to get you started! All of which will make you happy and bring you and your company closer together. Shop with us in store or online and let us help you bring some light (literally) to your life. 




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