Decorating your Apartment

 Decorating as a renter.

Daunting, right? But it shouldn’t be! This is an exciting time whether you’re fresh out of college or moving to a new city, your apartment is now your home. You can decorate it however you please and you should do just that! Hang a picture on the wall, put decorations out every season, change out your silverware every now and then. This is your home and you should love coming home to it every day.

By now you’ve figured out your wallet and decorating can add up in the end. One mistake I made when I first moved into my first apartment was wanting to tackle every room in the first weekend. I knew where I was moving to and by the time, I was able to move in, furnishing every room right away was not practical. However, I did start to collect items well before I moved in such as kitchen utensils and other small décor. I had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two living rooms – just for me! When I had finally realized I was unable to furnish every room right away I needed to make a decision on the important rooms that I would use right away.

Like my bedroom, I needed a place to sleep and a dresser for my unnecessary amount of clothes. My bedroom was an easy move in, luckily for me my parents had an extra bed and dresser that I was able to take from their storage. Then onto the living room, again, my parents had an extra couch and some end tables in storage that I was able to have. I went room by room and asked my family what they had laying around that they no longer were using, and most all of my furniture and kitchen utensils came from them. Not everything matched but it was useable, and I was able to add certain touches such as pillows, throws, and some paint to make it my own.

On a side note, every time I go see my aunt and grandma, they send me home with more stuff. I love decorating and changing out my décor so lucky me.

I soon fell in love with my apartment and when it was time for me to move out, I couldn’t! I had a large mirror in the corner of my bedroom that made me love my bedroom, I hung a picture (from my aunt) above the stairs, my beautiful painted brick fireplace made me love my living room and, in the kitchen, I have a gorgeous, marble vase that holds my wooden spoons. In each room I’ve made it my own, so this apartment was no longer an apartment, it was my home.

It took almost a year for me to find out what every room needed for me to love it, it didn’t just happen when I first moved in and even to this day, I am still thinking of how to spruce up the rooms. Decorating is fun and it should be done! You deserve to be happy in the place you call home.

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