Easy Kitchen Décor

Styling a Cutting Board 

It seems as though in every magazine or HGTV show you see a white minimalist kitchen featuring a warm wood cutting board at the center of the scene. It's no secret this design is on-trend. You probably have a few cutting boards tucked away somewhere in your kitchen, but why not display your collection? Cutting boards are an item that just gets better with age! Here are just a few ways you can store your cutting boards on display. 

  1. Use your cutting board as a tray

This one is easy and perhaps you already do this. You know that space in the middle of your island that occasionally has fresh flowers but otherwise has nothing there? Place your cutting board there! Use your cutting board as a tray on your kitchen island, coffee bar, or dining table centerpiece. 

When you're styling a tray or cutting board we recommend having something horizontal, vertical, and an accent décor piece. Keep in mind these items can serve a purpose! Fall is coming up, I would recommend styling your cutting board with a recipe book (horizontal), a tall vase or jar of coffee beans (vertical), and a pumpkin. With this in mind, you can add in some faux flowers and a candle as well. 

  1. Lean it against your backsplash or behind the stove

Layering cutting boards behind a stove may be my favorite kitchen décor. This can also be considered as a splashboard. An added convenience to have them close by and layering them behind your stove to protect your backsplash is a bonus!

  1. Display your baked goods

What's on the menu this week? Bread, cookies, scones, what better way to warm up your kitchen than baked goods? Another way to add color and warmth to your kitchen is by displaying baked goods or fresh produce. You can display your fresh produce in a bowl and layer it onto your cutting board.

Layering boards is key! I love how cutting boards can add a warm tone to any kitchen. You can find a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes to fit your style!

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