Let's Decorate for Fall!

It can be tricky to decorate for Fall, when is the right time to start putting your pumpkins out?

As a designer, I love to decorate for every season but especially during the holidays. Deciding when to decorate can be challenging, especially with the South Dakota weather, an easy tip to remember is your décor should change when the weather begins to shift. 

It can be tempting to purchase all of the pumpkins, skeletons, and goblins when you're decorating for Fall, but with a more thoughtful approach to your decor, you can elevate your design for more than just these couple of months.  

Pumpkins and Greenery

Fall decorating is about creating warmth within your home! That's why we see orange, rust, and brown tones. At Layered Elements, we have an assortment of pumpkins. Pumpkins are great for layering. With the warm tones, you can leave them in your design from September through November.

Other than pumpkins, we recommend incorporating Fall foliage and greenery to instantly elevate your Fall design! 


Keep it clean and simple!

Simple elements to add to your Fall design are throw blankets and pillows. Start with a simple base color pillow and simply add one or two Fall textured pillows. 

Another simple element to add to your Fall decor is a candle! Create a warm glow with a Fall scented candle. 

Remember to always express your own style!
Designing a room doesn't have to be hard! It's all about how you layer your décor. The more elements you layer into your design, the more finished your home will feel. 


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