How to decorate your bathroom

It's all about details! Carry your home aesthetic and style throughout your home. Decorating a bathroom can be hard. Without adding furniture what else is there to do? Water, heat, and humidity are all factors to consider when decorating your bathroom.

Here are three simple ways to elevate your bathroom! 

    1. Pick out some pretty printed towels or bright solid colors that match your bathroom's overall design scheme. 
    2. Make use of your vertical space with floating shelves. If you need extra storage, a shelving unit with some attractive containers is another easy route to take!

My bathroom has plenty of storage space and shelves, but that doesn't mean you have to leave your walls bare. One thing I've added to my walls is art! 

3. Blend useful objects such as an attractive container for Q-tips or pretty packaged perfume to your counter space. 

Keep things minimalist and modern in your bathroom by picking the right paint color, towels, sleek towel rods, and a unique wall mirror. 

Remember, your bathroom doesn't have to be heavily decorated, with expensive décor. It's easy to make quick and easy updates to your bathroom so that your bathroom looks brighter and feels more inviting. 

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