I had a meltdown


When it first hit us, I was unsure if I was supposed to be talking about it. Some boutiques were, some weren’t and like many others I was also tired of opening social media and reading another story about the virus. Do I reassure my customers that, yes, I have stepped up my disinfecting game or do I go about business as usual, act like nothing’s changed? Though I keep my doors open during this time, I do follow CDC guidelines, I’m continuously disinfecting the store throughout the day and limiting the number of consumers I have in the store at a time.

Sure, business has slowed down, a lot. So, I had a meltdown. My first meltdown since opening the doors. I was scared of how COVID would affect my business, what was I going to do? What can I do? I’ve rallied together with a couple small business owners and found out that I was not alone. This was a pandemic, it was going to affect me, my business and many other’s too.

After panicking for a couple days, I realized that no matter what I wanted, COVID was so much bigger than me. It was going to hurt people more than it was going to hurt me.

Blessed. Lucky. Thankful

My family was healthy. My roommates and I would do our small part in staying in together. Thankful that my mom, my aunt, my roommate and good friend, Tiana are brave women that work in the medical field.

After my meltdown, it had hit me that I was going to need to push myself to work harder. I needed to give myself more credit, more confidence.

Defeat is what I was beginning to feel but then I remembered that I am so lucky to still have projects to work on. I initially opened the store because I wanted to design and decorate homes with my own product, and with COVID making the shop quieter I am able to focus on my clients even more.


A blessing in disguise. Because of the coronavirus I am brought back to ‘why I started this business in the first place. I’m able to spend more quality time focusing on my clients and really giving them all of my best efforts and more. When I’m not working, I’m spending quality time with my friends whether that’s our movie nights or game nights via House Party app and we’re getting to know each other more. My social life before consisted of going out to karaoke every weekend and while I enjoyed that time I had with my friends, the time we have now is simply more appreciated.

Coronavirus is scary and it’s brought us all to a new normal, a new normal that I’m beginning to appreciate. I’m working harder than before, I’m reading more than before, journaling, doodling, and playing a whole lot of Uno ( I still haven't won a game). With the gym being closed, I’ve even caught myself working out in front of my bedroom mirror a time or two. 

How are you spending your time? Have you picked up any new hobbies?




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