One Month in our Brick and Mortar!

Hey guys!  
We have officially been open for business in our downtown location for a month now! Time has really flown by. How’s it going, you ask? It’s going great! We know that we are so blessed to be given this opportunity. 
My days at the boutique, as you can imagine, are pretty busy with product coming and going; it’s as if I don’t have enough time in a day! On my “slower” days, I often catch myself talking to myself while I'm tidying up the showroom, tagging product, buying product, or trying to find the right words to put into a blog post. 
It’s been fun meeting so many people and learning what everyone is interested in when it comes to décor. Our hourglasses, for example, have remained a hot seller; a simple yet unique décor touch that can go either in your living room or office. My little cousin, Tate, uses his hourglass to time his reading for school. Rumor has it, he turns the hourglass over every time my aunt checks on him, whether or not he’s getting his full half-hour of reading in, is still unknown!
We’ve also noticed that our shoppers really enjoy our ‘sassy and snarky’ line, which is a bit of a relief knowing that our consumers have a sense of humor! Whether shopping for yourself or a friend, we’re glad you like our candles and wine glasses just as much as we do.
We’ve been busy looking for more product to add to the store, and know that once these warmer months come, we’ll get to meet more of you. We’re looking forward to it! 

- Taryn 

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