Our Story

Layered Elements started brewing in 2017. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. My first job was working in a boutique, and I loved the environment! It was a small intimate boutique. Everyone that walked in loved it, and I decided that I wanted to see those smiles every day. Later that year, I started working with my Dad. He works in realty and needed some help on the design side of things when it came to “flipping homes.” I was searching for good products that were also affordable and I simply just wasn’t finding the right places that had all that I needed. That’s when I sat down with my parents and told them about my idea for Layered Elements. Of course, I had some other unpolished name at the time, but with mom’s help, Layered Elements came to the light!

Decorating can be so simple, but some people just don’t have the time for it or think it’s unnecessary. I grew up in a gorgeous home and I saw for myself what all of the little details can do. Something about decorating for the holidays always put me and my family in a good mood, and I wanted to have that feeling all the time! Finding my passion and what makes me happy has been an absolute adventure and it has led me to create a boutique filled with home décor and all of your favorite things. By putting love in every piece we find, we hope you find something perfect for your house so that it can truly become your home.